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Fresh Cafe Belfast
Fresh Cafe Belfast menu

Fresh Cafe is your best choice in the city when it comes to English foods and appetites. Our menu is made up of all kinds of fresh English foods that you can ever think of. Being here, you can taste some of our special dishes like Crispy Chicken Wings in Our Own Buffalo Sauce, Southern Fried Battered Goujons, Crispy Chicken Wings Dry Cajun, Sliced Chump Steak Ciabatta. These are our signature items and are made with utmost care. There is also a huge selection of meals available especially for breakfast. Large Fry Breakfast, Triple Stack Pancakes, Small Fry etc are some of our best-selling items in this section. Each and every preparation cooked and served here with utmost care and due concern. Besides the breakfasts, our huge collection of sandwiches and burgers will definitely leave you captivated. Our sandwich and burger section consists of Club Classic Sandwich, Bookmakers Club Sandwich, Southern Fried Chicken Fillet Burger, Grilled Chicken Fillet on Ciabatta Burger, Fresh Special Burger which is the best among others. Besides all these, you can taste our never-ending lists of desserts and drinks while sitting in our restaurant. So, head towards our restaurant today and find the best suitable meal for you.

About Fresh Cafe Belfast menu

If you have a great lust for fresh English meal, we are inarguably your best gamble in the city. Though we specialize in these, we have a handful of other items to suit everyone's taste like burgers and sandwiches. We want our customers to expect the foremost and we can do everything in order to achieve that goal. We prefer to give you the best service from our end. If you cannot come over to Fresh Cafe physically, we will reach for you. Just head over to Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download our online app for free. Open the app and start ordering from the huge listings of items in the menu section. Confirm your order and we will be at your doorstep with your desired food in virtually no time. We deal our customers with premier levels of hospitality and our service has always been very prompt and accurate. Consistent quality and the unrivalled taste is our forte.

Fresh Cafe Belfast restaurant

We reside by the street at 275 Cliftonville Rd, Belfast BT14 6JU. We are really indebted to this location. Its great reachability has let a lot of customers to visit us from all parts of the city. And this also permits us to deliver food to you at the earliest. This is very near to the hustle and bustle of the streets and getting a cab or a bus from here is not an issue at all. But, in any case of your not finding the location, our app will guide you to our restaurant. You can also hop over to our website and get the exact pinpoint location on the map. So, without wasting time any further, take your way to 275 Cliftonville Rd, Belfast BT14 6JU and be dazzled by the sheer taste of our food here at Fresh Cafe.